Is it necessary to install a gas alarm?

Is it necessary to install a gas alarm? Pilot will tell you

I believe there is still a person who does not have this safety awareness. One is to think that you are well ventilated, use safe gas and shut down safely to avoid danger, or think that there is nothing too valuable in your home. The chance of this kind of danger is too small to pay attention to.


Nowadays most gas alarms are installed only because the gas company needs to see it when the house is just renovated. The current design has clear requirements and acceptance requirements. There are no mandatory requirements for closed kitchens, it is also recommended to install gas alarms; if there is no gas alarm installed in open kitchens, it is impossible for the gas company to pass the acceptance May give you gas. This shows that the gas alarm is still very necessary to install, like the current apartment-style houses are installed with gas alarms.


The above is because the gas company needs to accept the inspection before it is forced to install. In order to avoid not being dismantled, we need to understand the importance of the gas alarm.


Although the gas is odorous gas, when the gas is leaking, although a small amount of leakage may cause people to suffocate and cause an accident; so we can find that the gas leak is basically too late, and many times the accident This is how it happened, so it is very necessary for us to take corresponding measures to prevent this problem. The measures that can be taken now are to install gas alarms;


As for the gas alarm, it can accurately and timely detect gas leaks. When the amount of gas leaks is small, it can be detected. Then it can issue an alarm to remind us of gas leaks. At this time, we can take measures to close the gas valve ,ensure safety;


Especially for the open kitchen, when we renovated, many owners removed the original partition wall of the kitchen to make an open kitchen, so that once the gas leaked, I quickly spread to the interior and then to the bedroom . So now the regulations stipulate that gas alarms must be installed in open kitchens. In fact, gas alarms are recommended for closed kitchens.


Talked about the importance of gas alarm, we should also realize that we need such a safety valve, so how to install the gas alarm, and where?


The installation of gas alarm is in two forms:


The first form is that we usually only install gas alarms. This kind of gas alarm is very cheap, about 20 yuan to 30 yuan each; its function is also very simple, that is, it acts as an alarm when a gas leak is found. Sound an alarm to remind us, then we have to close the valve and open the window to ventilate;


The second form is to install an electric valve at the same time as the gas alarm is installed. When the gas leaks, the gas alarm generates an alarm, and the electric valve starts to operate, closing the gas pipeline to prevent further gas leakage; this not only can To mention the reminder function, but also to cut off the gas, this gas alarm is the safest. But gas electric valves are more expensive. You can see if they are installed.


In summary, we should really understand how necessary it is to install a gas alarm. Regardless of the form of the kitchen, installing a gas alarm is an insurance for your life, and the value of the alarm is not expensive. , Your own safety is important. In view of how to install your own, it depends on the design of your own kitchen, but the editor recommends the second one.