What are the reasons for frequent false alarms of smoke alarms?

The installation of smoke alarms is a protective measure to prevent us from unintentionally failing to detect a fire or smoke in time. However, we may occasionally find smoke alarms installed in our homes that sound for a few years, but check for abnormalities. What is the reason for this? What is causing the smoke alarm to fail?

  In response to the above problems, I can analyze with you:

  1: The alarm battery is low

  Most of the household use are independent smoke alarms, which are battery-powered and do not need to be connected to the mains. However, the battery power is limited. If it is used for a long time, the battery will be insufficient. At this time, the alarm will sound an alarm sound. Therefore, it is recommended that home users test the alarm every week to ensure that it is in normal working condition.

  2: The alarm is too dusty

  After using the smoke alarm for a period of time, the sensitivity of the maze of the detector will increase due to the accumulation of dust, which will cause false alarms or alarms when there is less smoke. This situation is especially obvious in some places where the dust in the air is usually large. At this time, you must contact the manufacturer or a professional to clean the detector maze.

  Three reasons for false alarms: The installation position of the alarm is not good

  Household smoke alarms are generally installed in living rooms, study rooms or bedrooms, while some families have installed their kitchens or installed them too close to the kitchen. The kitchen itself is a place with a lot of smoke, heat and humidity. Here, it may not only cause false alarms, but also affect its service life.

  The above briefly mentioned several reasons that may cause the home smoke alarm to keep sounding. In this case, first check the entire room to ensure that no fire has occurred. If it is a false alarm, check it according to the content of this article.

  The causes and solutions of false alarms of smoke alarms

  Case 1: Power supply. When the battery is about to run out, there will be a chirping sound every one minute (different models will have different intervals and sounds, but they have a low battery warning function), and some people think this is a false alarm. But this kind of sound is very different, because it makes a single, short sound, and it sounds about once every minute.

  Solution: If your alarm sounds intermittently, you can replace the battery to see if it can solve the problem.

  Case 2: Smoke from cigarettes. Under normal circumstances, the smoke alarm will not respond to the smoke of the cigarette, unless the smoke is very dense, for example, many smokers smoking in the same room may cause an alarm. If the alarm is too old, it will respond even if the smoke concentration is low. So on the contrary, we can also judge whether the alarm is aging.

  Solution: Replace the alarm

  Case 3: Dust. If the alarm sounds continuously, there may be too much dust in the alarm.

  Solution: It is time to consider replacing the alarm or cleaning it. When cleaning the alarm, close the end of the vacuum cleaner near the opening around the alarm and vacuum one by one. In this way, the dust accumulated on the alarm can be completely removed.

  Case 4: Effects of steam or moisture. Steam or moisture will condense on the sensors and circuit boards. If too much moisture is condensed, an alarm sounds.

  Solution: Install the alarm device in a place far away from steam and moisture, for example, the corridor of the bathroom should not be installed with an alarm, so as to solve the problem. However, if the alarm was originally working but now reacts to steam or moisture, the problem may be the cause of the alarm's aging. Older alarms will become more sensitive and more susceptible to vapour and moisture. Therefore, the occurrence of a false alarm may also be that the alarm has exceeded the useful life and needs to be replaced.