intrusion system -Protect your home and family members

diy burglar alarm

Information on wiring your own security alarm with keypads, door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors and the wiring panel. Save money on both home owners insurance and alarm monitoring by installing it yourself.


This section of the Structured Home Wiring site covers everything you need to know to setup your own security system. Follow the links below for more information.


Alarm Components - Details each part of the security system

Planning an Alarm System - Determine how to layout the system so that your home is protected before running any wires

Tamper Proof Wiring - Specific information on normally open (NO) vs. normally closed (NC) sensors and end of line resistors (EOLR)

Wiring an Alarm System - How to connect the wires to sensors and the alarm panel

Sample DSC Alarm - Pictures and diagrams of some DSC components for reference

Programming the Alarm - General information for setting up zones and other data

Alarm Testing/Maintenance - One time and periodic testing for your alarm system

Wireless Alarms - For existing homes or if you aren't good with wires