Smart home alarm system

 Wireles alarm system can send text message,built-in quad-band wireless frequency communicator. Working with both SIM card and wired telephone line. Hybrid alarm systems contain wireless zones and hardwired zones. With advanced features such as entry/exit delay, zone attribute, event log, door-bell and more. Protect your property from burglary, break-ins, fire, flood and more.


     Unifore modern burglar alarm systems are primarily designed to protect your property away from possible burglary. The system is also expandable to provide fire, gas leak, carbon monoxide leak, flood/water leak detection. We offer different kinds of burglar alarm which utilizes diversity technologies. Our alarm system is hybrid alarm system can work with wireless and hardwired security sensors. You can easily setup a wireless alarm system or upgrade your existing hardwired alarm system.


     Depends on transmission pathway, our latest wireless alarm system can support both Wi-Fi and cellular communication. Such kind of system can connect with network/Internet, users can control/access system anywhere anytime. It also can notify users through popular push notification feature. With cellular backup, the system also can send you text message or make voice call in event of alarming. Due to its Wi-Fi and GSM communication capability, we also call this kind of system as Wi-Fi/GSM alarm system.


    In addition to Wi-Fi+GSM, we also provide traditional alarm system supports GSM and telephone line connection. The system can notify users through text message and auto-dialing voice call. It can connect with your existing telephone line, the system can seize the telephone line to dial emergency number to summon aid. In many cases, most residential users have no telephone line existing, we provide alarm system merely relies on GSM cellular communication, so we usually call it GSM alarm system.


    It should be noted using cellular service, the alarm system requires to be inserted a valid SIM card provided by cellular service carrier (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, PLDT, Vodafone, Telenor, STC..and more). The product doesn’t contain/include a SIM card inside. It accepts normal size SIM card, you need to use a SIM card adapter if using Nano SIM card and Micro SIM card. When choosing SIM card, we recommend you to choose pay as you go plan so that you don’t need to pay service fee unless alarm occurs. It only charges fee when alarm system sends text message or voice call is put through. Ensuring the SIM card has credit to use cellular service, you can use alarm system’s “Speed-dial” function to check credit easily or regularly.